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Digital Marketing Services that help you grow your business

  1. SEO

    1. SEO Audit: Examine client’s current search effectiveness and compare to key competitors. Also, examine and uncover technical and content shortcomings.
    2. Keyword analysis: Evaluate potential keywords and phrases for relevancy, competitive landscape, search and social volume, and recommend terms to be included in content.
    3. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO
  2. Email

    1. Email audit and testing plan: Analysis of email performance in areas of deliverability, opens, click, post-click behavior, revenue per email, etc. Creation of ongoing testing and optimization plan.
    2. Email lifecycle strategy: Creation of a strategic plan to deliver the right email, at the right time, to the right audience, at the right stage of the buyers journey. May involve technology implementation, creation of custom triggers, and CRM integration.
    3. Email delivery and optimization: Ongoing creation, sending, analysis, and optimization of email campaigns
    4. Persona Development: Use client data (or your own , first-person research) to segment key audiences and create archetypes to better focus content and social efforts.
  3. Content

    1. Marketing plan: Analysis of current positioning, competitor positioning, keyword analysis, personas to create unified content plan with editorial calendar.
    2. Execution: Ongoing creation of content attributes and brand storytelling across multiple modalities(blog, video, ebooks, events, inforgraphics. Execution of content marketing plan and measurement of results.
    3. Mobile audit: Examination of all content and online touch points (email etc) for mobile accessibility and customer experience. (B2B)
  4. Customer Service & Community

    1. Social listening and reputation management: Monitor and analyze social chatter. Respond to customer enquiries and/or triage and direct to client personnel for follow up (B2C)
    2. Community creation and management: Create social outposts and communities. Manage on a day to day basis, including content publishing. (B2C)
    3. Web analytics Consulting: Comprehensive review of website data (google analytics) to find behavior patterns and recommend improvements and enhancements to site, funnel, content. Examination of referring traffic sources. (high website traffic)
  5. Conversion Optimization

    1. A/B and multivariant testing to improve conversion rate for online lead generation and sales. Typically, software assisted, and requires content creation and persona development (B2B Ecomm)
  6. Social Marketing

    1. Social Metrics and Dashboard: Establishing relevant, meaningful success metrics for social media, often requiring custom calculations and typing together multiple data sources. (B2C)
    2. Social Campaigns and Promotions: Creation and social media contests and time limited programs that drive subscription(likes etc) and/or participation. (B2C)
    3. Social Media Audit and Blueprint: Evaluation of current client social outposts as well as analysis of competitors and category best practices. Recommendations of short and mid term improvements and optimization. (all)
    4. Social Media Strategic plan: Comprehensive analysis and recommendations for social media program, including ties to businessoutcomes, resourcing, outpost planning, metrics, tactical ideas. Usually 12-month plan.
    5. Influencer ID and outreach: The most similar to classic media relations. Find and approach bloggers, customers, fans, and online influencers, encouraging them to right about clients products. B2C
    6. Social Crisis plan: Customized step by step approach for handling social media crisis for each client, including approved messages, contact flowcharts, pressure relief valves
  7. PR 2.0

    1. Online Reputation Management
  8. Social Advertising

    1. Search and Social Advertising: Creation and management of ongoing advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube. Testing and optimization.
  9. Social Business

    1. Employee Social Media Guidelines: Working with HR, Legal, marketing, and internal comms departments to create, propagate and train employees on social media guidelines.
    2. Internal Communities: Strategy and creation of internal social communities for use by employees to foster collaboration and knowledge transfer. Typically managed internally.
    3. Employee advocacy programs: Surveying employees to find volunteer social advocates that can be used as an innovation and amplification opportunity for the client’s brand.
  10. Lead Generation

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